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NY finest: Luciano the O.G. of LES graffiti

Words from the O.G. of graffiti

THE ART FORM OF GRAFFITI HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY FIRST TRUE LOVE”..!!!! Back in the 70″s it was considered vandalism to a certain extent, however nowadays people are seeing it for what it really is “ART”…!!!!!!! I was born and raised on the mean streets of Manhattan, also know as the LOWER EAST SIDE and Alphabet City.I come from a large family. Both of my parents are Puerto Rican, and I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers. I started writing and drawing graffiti @ the young age of 8. I graduated from Catholic school (7st btwn ave C and B) in 8th grade, but in 3rd grade @ St. Brigit’s, I was awarded a scholarship for a drawing that I drew and it came in 1st place..   By the time I hit High School, I hooked up with a few kids who were into GRAF as well. By this time I found my own style and swagga, what I mean by that is my own unique form of writing my tag in many different ways. A couple of years passed when I found a friend that was much older than me and he was Insane with the art of graffiti.. He took me under his wing and mentored me. His street name was H2O (WATER), that’s when we hit the streets with vengeance. We didn’t respect anything, when it came to getting our name known we wrote on anything and everything.. Till this day I still see tags that I have taken over 20 years ago. I love writing graffiti, my parents thought it was just a phase I was going through as a youth, but it’s still in my system like the blood thats running through my veins… Its a part of me, something that I could never part with.. Its as if graffiti is my wife that I could never divorce.. Till this day if I was to pass by a truck yard with at least 50  clean trucks, believe me when I tell you that I will go and by at-least 20 to 30 cans of rusto’s and wait till 2 or 3am then I would catch wreck on every single truck in there.. Thats how I got my name known, trucks run through every borough in the tri state.. So yes, i am proud to say that my name is known… And i get respect from every known writer there is. Simply because I’ve been doing this for over 20yrs and I have skill’s and my name is original. The last thing I’m going to leave you with is the name of ny crue witch is L.D.T– that stands for— LOVE DOING THIS, LETS DO THIS, LIVING DOWN TOWN, LOVE DISSING TOYS, AND MANY MORE… There are very few people that influenced me when it come’s to graffiti. There is this crew of writer’s that are known as TC-5.. These dude’s are insane with the graff and they are well known simply because they are that good.. 

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