Picasso ‘Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” words by Mark M. Whelan

“And for a second there they lost themselves..in that second: and she said as they looked down into their laptop at the candle flickering flames in Brooklyn boxes, yes, she said, inside me, she said, yes and yes and in my eyes I long for an eternity of this dance of yes, and before they knew it they looked up through the lanterns across the roof top of Cologne and Mount Kron and towards the confines of the universe and the darkness looking down on them and the stars that are awake tonight, and the fishing boat bobbing sea miles away laps on the sand and say yes, and with her breath, deep and heavy they painted with their finger tips in colors only known to the senses they blurred with one another like paint being swirled together in kisses and he held her body all statuesque and she lay there nude, green leaves and a bust”  Mark M. Whelan
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