Baram,  Gilad Baram,  Tavi Art Gallery

PHOTOSCAPE 2.0, at the Tavi Art Gallery

 The first solo exhibition by Gilad Baram, PHOTOSCAPE 2.0, at the Tavi Art Gallery, is a direct continuation of his graduation project last year in the Department of Photography at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. The project received the Shalom Spielman Prize, awarded by the Spielman Institute for Photography.
         At the heart of this exhibition stands the work, Printer in Loop, consisting of a printer that is linked by a computer to the search engine, Google Images, into which an algorithm written for the project is fed every few minutes. This algorithm produces a random cluster of letters and enters it into the search engine, which then locates an image and prints it directly onto a roll of paper functioning as a loop of film. The printer runs for the duration of the exhibition. At the end of each week the roll of paper is cut, removed from the printer and hung on the gallery wall. At the end of the exhibition there will be five such paper rolls on display, layered with thousands of random images from the online search engine.
            On the other gallery walls are photographs of a parallel project by Baram, called R.C.P. (Remote Control Photography). The project began with an open invitation by Baram via e-mail and online social networks, to take part in it. People around the world who respond are invited to a video conversation through the online communication software, Skype. They are asked to take their laptops and, according to his precise instructions, aim the web cameras at their immediate surroundings. Baram photographs these images – some of which show the participants’ environment, while others are portraits of people in that environment – as they appear on his computer screen.

Curators – Sagi Refael & Dana Gillerman
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