JAYBO´s sneak preview for the coming up show at the 19Karen contemporary art space in  Gold Coast /Australia. 
“I am based on spray paint… I counter this with the intense work on surfaces to recreate the wall atmosphere, using wall plaster and bitumen. I add some abstract effect with acrylic, and sometimes use the dirt I find in my studio,” says Jaybo.
To correspond with his no boundaries way of creating Jaybo vows to never stick to one technique in order to discover new edges and systems of paintings. He says that the relationship between using different media tends to be complementary.
For his solo show, SUR FACES, Jaybo was inspired by the notion of touching to get to know someone or something on the first approach. “It is not forbidden to touch my pieces; if you do you will recognise the touch of skin,” says Jaybo.
He works from where ever he can use his hands: the studio, the street, on a coffee table, in the tube. Getting out and about to paint has a much larger influence on the colours Jaybo uses.
“I may try to counter the lack of light that I have in Berlin, that’s why I try to use some bright colours. Another reason would be the street connections and the juxtaposition of wide advertising billboards and the dirty old walls. I love contrast and opposites, I play between soft and hard in their extremes,” Jaybo says.
Be sure to catch this incredible opportunity to witness artwork at the forefront of contemporary art. Join us at 19 KAREN on Saturday 19th November 2011 from 6pm-8pm for the opening night of SUR FACES. Drinks and nibbles will be provided. Please RSVP to info@19karen.com.au
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