Fighting For Interdependence

Shorts On Sustainability, four animated narratives on four interrelated ecological issues. Video URL

We come from a can-do generation of seemingly endless choices and possibilities. We are told that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, that we can sculpt the impossible into the possible, for as Adidas so eloquently campaigned, “impossible is nothing.” Whilst this proactive credo for life is intended in a positive light, over time it has mutated to incorporate instant gratification, so now not only are we churning vats of the impossible into the possible, but we are doing it with a short term reward system in mind! This has led to the belief that any creative concept we dream of can take form if we assiduously follow it up, but this is not necessarily true. Every possibility pursued somewhere compromises the realization of another possibility else where, we thus perpetuate the impossible alongside the possible. When we pursue one path we let go of another, but we do not see this, which results in conflict within our own processes, be it in technology, politics, social development or ecological conservation, because everything comes at the cost of some thing and not EVERYTHING can BE at once. Our planet is a limited resource, it does not occupy infinite space and it does not contain infinite life forms within its expanse. One thing has to die to make room for another thing that desperately wants to occupy its niche. We are growing so aggressively that we don’t comprehend the larger picture, and our individual larger pictures are thus in contradiction with one another.

Most times the things that are not possible steer us toward better solutions that exist within the realm of the possible but we are so busy trying to overcome the impossible that we orbit dissonance and seldom gravitate toward the more homeostatic options. Interconnectivity, a concept that we consistently fail to compute into the arithmetic of the agendas we hunger after is the primordial matrix into which all life on earth is embedded. We want to save our oceans but we also want underwater resorts so we can be as comfortably close as we can to the marine life. We have infiltrated every natural habitat yet we want untouched areas of wilderness to explore and feel serene in. We need to be aware of what we are giving up whilst so determinedly shadowing the things we want.

There needs to be a collective vision, it is the only way to sustainably evolve our current paradigms of existence. Now is the time for interconnectivity because, whether we care to see it or not every single thing in this universe is inextricably linked, everything impacts everything else.

All original artworks by ©AsherJay 2012

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