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Darkness by Samuel Dodson

Words fall over themselves in the darkness, tumbling, as they are spoken. In a torrent they merge with each other with the ease that comes from knowing they have all been said before, each one written a thousand times thousand million times in every possible order and or conjunction. 
And in the darkness there are no images. Can these words exist there, then? Alone, lonely, so lonely without the meaning of an image to illuminate the shadows. Without even the faintest outline, the words lie in the umbra. If they cannot see celestial bodies, do they exist? Can they exist? Can words see? 
Cosmic thought lies restless in words shrouded by dark seas of infinity. The depths of which unimaginable, unfathomable, ever falling, falling in on itself, exploding and imploding simultaneously. 
In this darkness, time is everywhere. Time might not be always, but it is all the words have. The sounds of the darkness so old, older than eyes and ears, older than the darkness itself. The sounds old as silence. The sounds of time, shattering the stillness, waves, breaking, waves crashing again and again, the same and different each time.
In this silence one man, or multiple men, or a thousand women, or two-thousand-six-hundred-and-sixty-six women, or a million men and women, or just one woman, or just one man. In this silence one man, one woman, a thousand men, a million women, all the infinite numbers of men and women that ever could possibly be sit, stand, squat and listen to the sounds of darkness, the sounds of time, and try to remember what words look like.
The good thing about darkness is it stops others seeing us the way we see ourselves.
Shivers in warm rooms all the people of the darkness have. And the words. Words without images and therefore maybe no meaning. In the land of light are there only images without words? 
Words such as ruck – a multitude of people mixed together or to crease or fold.
Words such as wrack (n) damage from destruction/ruin.
Words such as elucidate – Make something clear/clarify/illuminate/illustrate
How can words illuminate the darkness? This darkness. How can the people of the darkness illuminate that which is all around them, sunk into their skin. 
Each one of them blind, equally secure and terrorized by blindness. Perhaps each with the entire human condition within them, or perhaps not. 
The words are alive in themselves.
The whole history of everything may be in the darkness. The whole history of everything may be the darkness.
Words like dilacerate – Tear apart or to pieces.
Dilacerate this darkness. 
I cannot win for losing.

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