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Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen Calculated Spontaneity

Artist Statement. Key to my practice is a process of calculated spontaneity and pre planned coincidence through which I work primarily with a combination of drawing and installation. I aim to engage physically in the process of mark making which have led me to develop a technique of hand embossing paper with a tattoo needle. Through merging of material and context I seek to communicate through the visual language of nautical folklore and traditional tattooing. With the pencil as my rudder and a needle as my compass I navigate through the tides and rogue waves of the human condition in our struggle to reach the non-existing point in the horizon. Ohey These two works Admiral#1 (65x50cm, 2011) and L.A.S. (diptych, 78x212cm, 2011) are both paper based works, drawn with graphite and hand embossed with a tattoo needle. They are a part of my latest project that was displayed at Munch Gallery, New York at the group exhibition “Next to the Sea”.

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