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Sea Speak Sphere: Message In A Bottle by Asher Jay

Message In a Bottle By Asher Jay – Entire Display from Asher Jay on Vimeo.

Message in a Bottle
, is a conceptual, collaborative campaign that offers individuals who hail from a variety of disciplines the opportunity to express their concerns for Planet Ocean through creative media. This endows marine conservation with a unique united front from which distressed denizens can address the long-term welfare of the primordial soup that gave rise to all life on Earth.

This installation’s opening night was hosted by Green Spaces, Tribeca, on World Oceans Day, Friday, June 8th 2012.

Message in a Bottle by Asher Jay as exhibited at Green Spaces, Tribeca, New York, NY.
Photographer: Dar Riser,

Message in a Bottle offers discrete vessels in the form of hand painted plastic PET bottles (post-consumer waste) to an eclectic portfolio of enterprising individuals who have unconditionally pledged their energies, cognitive faculties, personal funds and lives toward the conservation of the world’s oceans so they can channel their respective messages to a broader audience through Jay’s art. Some of the voices she has elected to include are more interdisciplinary in their approach but still care tremendously for the planet’s 70%. Each bottle has been custom illustrated to augment the specific voice represented by it and is displayed as a mobile object. The bottles are independently suspended from the ceiling by rope made out of braided post-use plastic shopping bags.

Message in a Bottle, by Asher Jay as exhibited at Green Spaces, Tribeca, New York, NY.
Photographer: Dar Riser,

The installation initially embraced kindred spirits and cherished friends personally known to creative conservationist Asher Jay, the founder of Sea Speak Sphere but has since expanded its role to integrate participation from concerned citizens worldwide through social media and through its official website.

Like the first 100 voices, the people who elect to get involved in this effort can be from any background or professional path so long as they own their voice and want to use it to aid marine conservation efforts. The renowned “Ocean Voices” on board currently encompass individuals with distinguished careers that span from but are not limited to: photography, science, art, music, film, diving, writing, activism, conservation, sports, exploration, journalism, news anchoring, public speaking, inventing, curating, culinary arts and fashion.

“Message in a Bottle” serves as a call to action through creative communication, which is why the platform is open to external input. Communities and schools worldwide are welcome to get on board by giving rise to satellite installations that further the dialogue commenced by Asher Jay. An instructional video that reveals how one should go about up-cycling waste to create the various elements of the installation is available on demand, and can be obtained via a direct email request. Sea Speak Sphere encourages schools to Skype in for a conversation with Jay about ‘how to use art to take a stand for the oceans and the earth.’ This is intended as an inclusive exercise that will inspire children to express their thoughts on oceanic ecosystems in a fun, unbridled manner. It also gives instructors a chance to challenge budding minds to analyze and shape their individual ecological footprints at an early age. Equipping kids with objective information that empowers them to make informed choices will no doubt impact the world in the days to come. Art for Conservation is a curricular must, and Sea Speak Sphere is very eager to introduce this line of study to as many students as possible.

Asher Jay owns the copyright to her own bottles, and she will continue to illustrate and add more voices to her installation, but she strongly encourages concerned citizens worldwide to send in their own bottles, which will duly be credited to them on

Kindly get involved.

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