Alanna Lawley

Taking the influence of spatial and in particular architectural relationships on the individual within the private realm of the home as a starting point, Alanna Lawley constructs temporary, representational environments that investigate how deliberately fragmented spaces can generate a feeling of the Uncanny, resulting in experiences of disassociation, anxiety and isolation. 
“Vacant, not empty, 2012”, a site specific photographic construction for the exhibition, Architecture as Human Nature, Berlin, 2012, positioned a photograph of the inside of an entirely sealed container at the back of a recess where one would expect to see the real space. Exploring the idea of the physicality of the photograph and the notion of the Uncanny, the piece explores the idea of architecture as a mediated, ultimately inaccessible experience and one that fosters a feeling of uncertainty and frustration.

Vacant, not empty, 2012, photographic construction – installation view Architecture as Human Nature, Supermarkt, Brunnenstr 64, Berlin

Please see more of Alanna’s work here: https://alannalawley.com/

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