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Call the Bluff, Know your Tell: Presidential Elections 2012 by Asher Jay

It’s odd sometimes who chooses to run
As a presidential candidate, just for fun
With no compassion, logic or common sense
A grasp of past, future or present tense
Hoping to secure swing vote oscillations
Using dated slogans, false accusations
Fluffy promises & fist pumps to endorse lies
Ignorance promotes 1% biased money ties
Women’s rights set back to days of yore
Career choice between witch and whore
Romney you know not what is right
You don’t have collective welfare in sight
To you climate change is a fat myth
FEMA was about to receive the scythe
You have left the American people with no choice
All your campaign statements, just white noise
You don’t care about oceans, rivers, air or land
Life can’t survive on oil, gas and fracking sand.
You’ve abused the system, now you’re bust
United we stand, it’s in Obama we Trust.

– Original Poem and artwork by Asher Jay

thanks to Mark M. Whelan
The latest news in contemporary and modern art in New York, London, Paris and Berlin

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