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Metamorphosis by Asher Jay

– an original literary work by ©Asher Jay 2013

I have been the wild horse
that could not be tamed,
the unpredictable storm,
the loose cannon,
the changing wind, the winding ocean current
the meandering river, the vagrant cloud
and I have always found the other to be a shackle
This maybe why
I have never been the sails of a sturdy oak ship
never the salt by the pepper shaker
the oars to a hand carved canoe,
the ornate brass legs to a rosewood table
nor the buttons of a bespoke shirt
something in you has left me feeling
more button than horse,
more salt than storm
more brass legs than cannon.
A part of me I could not connect to
in knowing you I have found,
the setting sun on my horizon
has made me realize
I would prefer my pictures
mounted and framed.

Thanks to Mark M.Whelan
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