Art that disappears when you look at it.

Somewhere in the world, a mother just stared into the eyes of her child for the very first time.

Somewhere, an old man is looking at the last picture of his wife and is deciding that he can’t go on without her.

Somewhere there is a couple getting married.  Somewhere there is a couple that can’t carry on living like this.  Somewhere there is a person who would give anything to be with her.

Somewhere there is a drunk stumbling his way home.  His mind is spinning and his stomach is filled with hard liquor and regret.  He passes a tall, bright looking young girl who turned out okay even though she never met her dad, who she knows only as a hopeless alcoholic.

Prison bars are closing in a man on his first day on the inside.  A children’s doll was just thrown away to teach her a lesson.  An old woman just picked up a seashell to see if she remembered the sound.  Two friends just smoked their first cigarette in a park.  A teacher is straightening his tie.  A boy skinned his knee.  A mother hides so her children won’t see her cry.  A drug addict wishes she was back home, before everything got fucked up.

Somewhere, maybe halfway across the earth from where I sit now, there is a stretch of sea with no humans in sight.  There are fish swimming under the water that may one day be caught.  There are tide forces pushing that may one day be harnessed.  There are bits of rope from ships long sunk swirling near the sea bed.  This all happens with or without me there.

What do I like most about this world?  That it just keeps on turning, whether we like it or not.

Thanks to Mark M.Whelan
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