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    And then there was light….10,000 Lux for Alanna Lawley

    All of me, 10,000 Lux for you plays with full spectrum lighting used in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) or Winter depression. Through the construction Lawley attempts to reverse the increase in Melatonin and reduction in Serotonin production processes that can cause depression in the winter months due to lack of light. Exploring the contradiction of an architecture designed to provide assistance, Lawley plays with the balance of curing the disorder and causing insomnia due to over-stimulation. The site-specific construction plays with mediated and shifting experiences of repulsion, seduction and denial of access, fostering an ultimate feeling of uncertainty. Thanks to Mark M.Whelan The latest news in contemporary and modern…

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    Home is where the ideal is? Alana Lawley’s construction and disorientation

    Ideal Home I, 2010, Digital Print on aluminium, 30 x 30 cm Ideal Home I, is a construction made from found advertising images of idealised, fetishised space. Using medium format with digital processing the work engages with the physical, disorientating properties of domestic environments, objecthood, and the spatiality of photography. Stuck: Zwischen den Wänden, 2012, Mixed media construction, dimensions variable (file that begins will 0112_overview…) Lawley’s dominating, four-panel construction, suspended using commercial display equipment, montages scans from interior design catalogs. Scaled to seduce, confront, and disorient the viewer who must negotiate multiple vantage points, her installation exposes the falsity of these fetishised interiors. The latest news in contemporary and modern…