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    Summer (Part III) by Samuel Dodson

    We stand at the crux, the crossroad. Looking sideways; down the elongated stretch of path, a chasm of jaundice light scratches the night, as the chain gang marches, falteringly towards us, deep with exhaustion, from long hours in the gold mines. Moonlight would glint on their tools, yet the sky is overcast with vapours we cannot see. On the horizon the tower blocks soar, rising through the deep set clouds, hanging on the edge of cliffs; Their foundations undermined by the rush of  waves, It is perilous and sexy – “Strike once more Poseidon!”  It could be that the wind, having roused itself from intermittent engagement with its chore of the day (to breeze) has whipped through the whisps…

  • Activism,  Asher Jay,  Club of Rome

    Meandering the Limit with Asher Jay

    What is the limit? Watching my five year old niece play with my parents’ puppy this seems to be the question on her mind. ‘How many times can I poke him with this stick before he growls at me, or before someone sees and tells me off; what is the extent to which I can pursue my goals?’ As we grow older, the questions return; how far can I run; how high can I climb in this tree; how long can I wait before I go down to dinner…how much money can I make…how long can I live? This question seems lodged so frequently at the back of our brains,…