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    TOBY COHEN’S THE ABRAHAM PROJECT: A VISIONARY ANGEL By Adam B. Schonbrun A visit to the Engel Gallery on 26 Gordon Street , Tel Aviv, Israel (Telephone: 972-3-5225637) is imperative. Toby Cohen is a gifted, I think brilliant, photographer who hails from London and is a permanent resident in Israel. He has brought out of the desert of our daily lives, something inspired, an intuitive aesthetic wide-lens portrayal of the Genesis narrative of Abraham and the Angels. The show is filled with Midrashic insights & the eternal beauty of the Negev Wilderness.   Cohen says to this interviewer that it took him months to find the right tree in the…

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    Self-portraits, brides of the world, and Descartes

    Through a series of self-portraits taken during the last seven years, the Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida embodies the brides of the world. Subverting the stereotypes which pertain to tribal minorities and segregation, she challenges the search of narcissism: she seeks erasure: erasure of the origins. Borrowing from the precept of Descartes “Larvatus Prodeo”(`I come forward masked’), and like an Ovidian tale, transforms into an African, an Indian, an Egyptian, a Russian, a Tibetan… alluding to the condition that we live in the globalization of goods and images, exceeding the possession of a fixed identity by mixing cultures, religions, rituals and references. She crossbreeds, she hybrids, she metamorphoses. Her approach is…