The Eternal Blandness of Text by Mark Whela

Empire State of Mind Strikes Back

Yeah, I stuck in Bushwick,
Now want to get to East village,
Feeling like a zero,
don’t want to be here forever,
I’m not the new big shot,
And since I haven’t made it here,
I probably can’t make it anywhere,
Yeah they ignore me everywhere,
I avoid Bronx and Harlem,
cause I don’t know no one
people push into me on Broadway,
going to white castle again today
No money to stash just what I got in my wallet,
Forget ridding highway cause I am walking on it,
Catch me in the kitchen washing dishes,
Payday..Cruising down Lorimer,
Bright yellow taxi,
Driving hurry up cause of the meter maxs me,
Me I’m up at the subway,
Home of the lost souls,
Now its dirty everywhere,
And cant escape the stink of urine anywhere,
Tell by my misery that I most definitely in…
In New York
59 sec

In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
where surviving is all you can do,
Now you’re in New York,
These stree,ts will make you feel old an blue,
The lights will demoralise you,
Let’s keep it real about New York, New York, New York

do you have 50 c? i don’t
Dreaming about leisure wear and hot chicks,
Poor honkey hung like a donkey,
I dont know why I am a failure,
Would be better off mid west in a trailor,
Never had the cash to go a yankee game,
You should know I bleed Blue as a euro lame,
But I dont have a gang of honkies walking with my friends though,
But I do have my hip hop and my lyrical judo chop
Welcome to my piss pot,
China town corners where we they selling 1$ socks,
Braggadocious rappers wanking on about sex and being tough shots,
Home of the hip hop and mafia flip flop,
Yellow cabs, yankee cap, dog crap, severe dollar lack,

For celebs it aint fitted they forgot how to act,
Telling us there bullshit when we stuggle to cover our back
Cities is a pity only a few will make it and tell,
us how great they are while we go through hell,
you have gold teeth and I’m paying Dwayne reade,
its embrassing to be this much in need
spirit is crushed and grind,
Girls eating pork rhind
some will date you for a dime and dine,
rosebar cocaine line is snow blind,
Caught up in the cool crowd,
And in the winter gets cooler specially for those outside,
The city of spin is a pity on a whim,
Good people gone broke then bad, the cities filled with them,
Came here for school, want Jayz life,
haning out a coffe shop with starbucks card
taking shots, avoid cops never want a wife
sounding like obi one makes me a retard

[Repeat Chorus:]Labor day parade, those who wait to get paid,
but he’s right, long live the World trade,
Long live the summertime, listen to the message
like star wars the empire strikes thats…

[Alicia Keys:]
One hand on the ground for the big city,
Street lights, false dreams feeling pretty shitty,
No place in the World that can compare,
Put your lighters in the air, pretend you just don’t care
Come on, come,

from Futurist: Decentralized Metaverses

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