“Love is the answer?” Banksy in New York extract by Mark M. Whelan

“Everyone possesses a consciousness; a soul that belongs to themselves alone and cannot be divided or shared with any other. Two people can talk on the internet, or even in person for that matter, they share experiences, ideas, thoughts, fantasies and in a way they feel connected; however, their being, like their soul, are like flowers each rooted in its own soil, its own place. One cannot go to the other, they can be drawn to the sun and even point in the same direction yet can’t come away from its roots, that is something it cannot do. Flowers send their scent and delicate aroma to attract bees and butterflies to carry their seed..yet more likely the wind takes them where it wants, the breeze lifts up the seed and carries it to where it chooses wherever the seed lands, it will either land and roll in the fertile soil and grow. Its hard shell cracks and the root searches out in the earthy darkness until it finally struggles to reach the light with the hope of blossoming again when the spring comes or the seed will lay their and never cracks and after a time decays and is the quintessence of dust. Either way the flowers, like our consciousness, our souls, remain alone and can not be divided or shared with any other. Nevertheless, on very rare occasion something mystical can happen, where Two sEparate souls can simultaneously HOld the same vision in theiR minds eyes and beyond the reAlm of reason and rationality enter into a sacred and secret cHambEr that goes beyond words….” Mark M. Whelan
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  • Angel Chen

    Lovely words Mark, to describe a truly special and rare moment when two souls do actually intertwine…

    You know even if two people are looking at the same thing, just the fact that their bodies are standing together, they are seeing it from at least 6 inches apart, no matter how close they are standing, and based on eye color, the retina receives information differently, and based on education, we call different colors different names, so it is almost impossible to know for sure if we are ever really talking about the same thing, except every once in a while, two people just connect so synergistically, and their relatedness is so mutual and instant and larger than the both of them, that they have a shared vision.

  • bo

    Angel, thank you, indeed, perspective and interpretation vary according to many facets and factors; however, on occasion I believe there is a kind of communication which is beyond the five perceptions and it is beyond words i.e. a clear concise definition

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