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Marija Pavlovska

The NYC-based Macedonian artist Marija Pavlovska was born in Skopje, Republic Of Macedonia in 1975. She holds a Masters Degree in Painting from the  Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje, Macedonia and has had 20 solo exhibitions and more than 100 group exhibitions in Europe and the USA in Vienna, Paris, Skopje, Nuremberg, Sofia, Belgrade and New York. Her work is held in private and public collections worldwide, including embassies, museums, galleries and libraries. etc

Her work is in a modernist / minimalist expressive tradition of early 20th century  Eastern European / Russian artists like Wassily Kandinsky and American artists such as Robert Motherwell, Cy Twombly and Franz Kline. Critics have described her work as having “a strong personality” which “translates her topics of choice into pictorial language that demonstrates a quietly powerful eloquence”

Often her work reflects painting as a battlefield, where light and darkness fight and the result is unpredictable, one sees the lightning bolts of ideas at work, as they are being worked out. This sort of simultaneous image “Process / Result ” dialectic lies frozen in space, galvanising the viewer to actively participate in the image creation themselves by way of investigation, inviting myriad readings within a given theme.

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