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Andrea Peterson with Kirsty Lynn

The Good in Everything | 48 x 60 inches | oil on canvas
Andrea Peterson’s paintings reveal a world of her own creation… I have had the pleasure of seeing Andrea’s work progress over the course of our long friendship, beginning with our time at East Carolina University’s School of Art in North Carolina. Since then we have each moved around the country, often living in the same cities at the same time, and her influences and mine have overlapped at times, as with the bustling energy of New York, or the vast landscape and magical energy of Arizona. Andrea’s work has a foundation in her highly unique approach to illustration, which she studied at ECU. Though illustrative in nature, her pieces have always revealed her intimate relationship with paint as a medium. Her newest body of work, to be shown at PS: Gallery in Columbia, Missouri, centers around the theme of Oz. In Andrea’s own words, this new series is “a surrealistic pop twist on the classic narrative The Wizard of Oz.” The affection given in the rendering of figures and forms in her pieces is evident in this series, and the luminosity of the alternating cosmic, watery backgrounds with desert landscapes adds a beautiful interest to each piece.
Munchkin 1: Ice Cream Darling | 14 x 14 | oil on wood

Munchkin 2: Cupcake | 14 x 14 | oil on wood

from Andrea Peterson’s artist statement: Patterns, portraits, and figures are frequently the focal point within my surreal paintings. I consider myself an idiosyncratic surrealist, and find my work constantly evolving within a broad spectrum, with consistent themes revolving around dreams, mythology and at times alluding to stories I grew up with. Since moving west, my palette has brightened, and my subject matter has become more infused with natural beauty. Within my art, I blend these worlds of reality and dreams into one ethereal universe, beckoning the viewer to find their story within it.

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