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    Adelaide Damoah in Conversation with Kelvin Okafor

    Nwanebuni_(Self Portrait II)  At only 28 years old, Kelvin Okafor is one of the best draughtsmen of our generation in my opinion. Born in 1985, Okafor’s passion for the pencil started at a very early age. Like many young art world stars, he appears to have come out of nowhere, but Okafor has been quietly perfecting his craft since he was a little boy. When his friends were playing outside, Okafor was inside drawing with his charcoal pencil. His passion for drawing followed him and propelled him to study fine art at Middlesex University from which he graduated in 2009. He has already won awards and had national and international…

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    God and the Fundamental Interactions – Sistine Chapel by Saul Zanolari

    Saul Zanolari is working on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. After Adam and Eve now it’s time for God to be painted. The human being is still the center of this version of the Sistine Chapel. In this triptych God is setting the fundamental forces in nature: Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Nuclear Power (weak and strong). SAUL ZANOLARI God Gravity Sistine Chapel, 2013 240×300 cm  SAUL ZANOLARI God Electromagnetism Sistine Chapel, 2013 240×300 cm   SAUL ZANOLARI Atomic God Sistine Chapel, 2013 240×300 cm SAUL ZANOLARI FACIEBAT A.D. MMXIII © The latest news in contemporary and modern art in New York, London, Paris and Berlin

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    Adelaide Damoah in Conversation with Aissata Pinto Da Costa

    Aissata Pinto Da Costa is an artist and former runway model. Born in São Tomé and Príncipe, a small country in the Gulf of Guinea , off the Western coast of Africa. Aissata has lived in six countries around the world and speaks five languages fluently. Having travelled to more than 50 countries worldwide with her modelling career, Aissata settled in the United States in 1999. In 2007, Aissata became a self-taught artist. With three solo exhibitions under her belt, including Marymount Manhattan College and The Steuben Glass Gallery New York, Aissata has caught the attention of collectors all over the world. She took time out her busy studio practice…

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    Harold Klunder with Adelaide Damoah

    Born in 1943, Harold Klunder is one of Canada’s leading painters. Klunder was born just two years before the end of the second world war, in the Netherlands. His family moved to Canada in the early fifties after the war was over. Klunder paints large, vivid abstract paintings, which he describes as an alternative approach to the self-portrait and each one can take years to complete. His works are held in public and private collections throughout the world including the National Gallery of Canada, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Klunder kindly took time out of his hectic schedule to discuss his story…

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    Adelaide Damoah in Conversation with Ben H. Summers

    Born in 1981, Ben H. Summers studied Fine Art at the Slade School of Art in London. Summers recalls being interested in drawing from a very early age, taking inspiration from the natural world, the human form and built spaces. Music has always had a huge impact on him, to the extent that after graduation in 2003, he pursued a career as a professional DJ. A combination of DJ work, illustration work and art direction, lead him to make the decision in 2010 to combine his love for music with his passion for art and the brand “Beats in My Brush” was born. Since then Summers has had a solo…

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    Adelaide Damoah in Conversation with Renee Cox

    Renee Cox, a Jamaican American mixed media artist is described in her biography as one of the most “Controversial African-American artists working today.” Born in 1960 in Jamaica, Cox often uses her own body to critique what she sees as an inherently sexist and racist society, while simultaneously celebrating what it means to be black and to be female. Completely fearless in her approach to her art, her work could be seen as confrontational social commentary, but it is more than that. Cox sees the work as a response to things which affect her. Not merely to confront or specifically to intentionally cause controversy. One of her most controversial series…

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    And then there was light….10,000 Lux for Alanna Lawley

    All of me, 10,000 Lux for you plays with full spectrum lighting used in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) or Winter depression. Through the construction Lawley attempts to reverse the increase in Melatonin and reduction in Serotonin production processes that can cause depression in the winter months due to lack of light. Exploring the contradiction of an architecture designed to provide assistance, Lawley plays with the balance of curing the disorder and causing insomnia due to over-stimulation. The site-specific construction plays with mediated and shifting experiences of repulsion, seduction and denial of access, fostering an ultimate feeling of uncertainty. Thanks to Mark M.Whelan The latest news in contemporary and modern…

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    Metamorphosis by Asher Jay

    Metamorphosis: – an original literary work by ©Asher Jay 2013 I have been the wild horse that could not be tamed, the unpredictable storm, the loose cannon, the changing wind, the winding ocean current the meandering river, the vagrant cloud and I have always found the other to be a shackle This maybe why I have never been the sails of a sturdy oak ship never the salt by the pepper shaker the oars to a hand carved canoe, the ornate brass legs to a rosewood table nor the buttons of a bespoke shirt something in you has left me feeling more button than horse, more salt than storm more…

  • Jane McAdam Freud,  modern art

    Adelaide Damoah in Conversation with Jane McAdam Freud

    Jane McAdam Freud is an internationally acclaimed, multi award winning British visual artist. Born in 1958, her work includes sculpture, installation, drawing, prints and digital media. McAdam Freud studied at the Wimbledon College of Art, Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art in London. Impressively, her work started to gain recognition from the very early age of 18, after the launch of her first solo show. Following the exhibition, one of her award winning pieces was acquired by the British museum. In 1986, she went on to win the, the British Art Medal Scholarship in Rome.  A highly accomplished artist, McAdam Freud has work in private and public…

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    Adelaide Damoah in Conversation with Ruud van Empel

    I came across Ruud van Empel’s work on Facebook because someone posted one of his stunning images from the eponymous “World” series. I was dumb struck. I instantly fell in love with his work and was astonished that I had not heard of him previously. Born in 1958 in Breda, the Netherlands, Ruud van Empel studied graphic design at the Academie St. Joost, Breda between 1976 and 1981. After some time working in the field of graphic design, film, television and interior design, van Empel purchased his first Apple Mac and began to learn about the wonders of Photoshop. This was a turning point and van Empel went on to…