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Angela Dalinger

Angela Dalinger’s paintings have a whimsical lightness to them. They tread the terrain of naïve art while simultaneously displaying a solid sense of composition and form. In another interview of hers online, aws well as in our correspondence back and forth, she has emphasized her obsessive approach to painting— her routine is to paint daily from sunup to sundown. This behavior relates to other artists considered of the “naïve” or “outsider” camps, as does her struggle with depression. No matter her inner battles though, Dalinger’s works have a folksy feeling that is at once warm and inviting. Playful pieces like Tennis display this feeling best. In other works like Box there are undertones of mystery and magic that are intriguing to the viewer.

The Beach
Angela has an upcoming exhibition at Galerie Nomade and lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. For more information please visit her website at: angeladalinger 
She also has a lovely online shop:

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